Our Missions - Industry-Academia-Research (IAR)

We focus on opening up the industry-academia-research network, clearing the bottleneck of implementation, and creating revolutionary FinTech applications. Our vision and mission in the direction of industry, academia and research include the following parts.



IAR Mission A: We meet the requirements of the world financial industry and provide the underlying framework of FinTech in the blockchain era.


IAR Mission B: We promote a series of revolutionary industry-academia-research projects to accelerate the implementation of the FinTech industry.


a) Develop a distributed framework for financial products

b) Promote the implementation of distributed consensus technology in banking business

c) Provide distributed solutions for registration, investment, loans, trust and other businesses



a) Implement the "blockchain + smart city" program to accelerate the modernization of world urban governance

b) Research and develop a mobile payment framework in the FinTech era