Mid-Term Plan For 2021


1. Leading the world trend of FinTech and key industry-academia-research projects, we will set up a project-oriented research and development team, and interact and collaborate with first-class research teams. Docking with the objective development needs of the world financial industry, docking with high-end industry-academia-research projects, we provide FinTech underlying framework development and consulting services in the blockchain era, including the distributed framework of financial products, the circulation and settlement solutions in the financial system. We provide the distributed financial system based on the consortium blockchain. We provide long-term stable escort for registration, investment, loan, trust and other businesses by the immutability of the blockchain.

2. We will establish and maintain a long-term research and development team, promote a number of key industry-academia-research projects, and realize the implementation of blockchain in key industries such as urban governance and mobile payment. We start up in-depth cooperation with first-class universities and other units to promote the implementation of "blockchain + smart city" and accelerate the modernization of urban governance, including: distributed trust roots for reputations, accountability tracing and dispute resolution, efficient and practical governance chain solutions, and distributed geographical location-based cloud services. We will carry out in-depth cooperation with several financial institutions to research and develop a new mobile payment framework.