Our Missions - Research and Transformation (RT)

Innovation is the inexhaustible source of technological progress. We are committed to promoting basic scientific research and transformation in FinTech-related areas.


RT Mission A:

Research on Consortium Blockchain and Data-Intensive Applications on Distributed Ledgers

Including: novel Byzantine fault-tolerance schemes, data base for the consortium blockchain, transaction sharding on an asynchronous network, post-quantum communications and consensus schemes without public-key primitives, etc.


RT Mission B:

Research on Basic Cryptographic Problems

Including: homomorphic encryption and stealth wallets, lattice-/hash-/supersingular isogeny problem-based post-quantum alternatives for cryptographic primitives like digital signatures, novel ring signatures and aggregated signatures, efficient schemes and implementations of non-interactive zero-knowledge proofs, secure multiparty computation, verifiable computing, etc.


RT Mission C:

Research on Consensus Schemes and Implementations in The Permissioned Environment

Including: permissionless consensus wihout Proof-of-Work (Proof-of-Stake, Proof-of-Capacity, and other alternatives), novel quasi-blockchain consensus schemes, DAG-based consensus, etc.


RT Mission D:

Research on Layer-2 Problems in Blockchain Systems

Including: smart contract verification based on model checking or interactive proofs, novel off-chain payment networks, cross-chain protocols, problems in decentralized finance (DeFi), etc.


RT Mission E:

Research on Game-Theoretical Perspectives of Blockchain and FinTech-Related Social Sciences

Including: novel economic models for blockchains, mechanism design and game theory for FinTech, management problems in consortium blockchain systems, etc.